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About the Team

The Collaborative Learning Lab is directed by Dr. Emma Mercier. Current and former team members are faculty, students and post docs from education, design, engineering and computer science backgrounds. 


Emma Mercier

Emma Mercier is Director of the Collaborative Learning Lab and an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Her research focuses on ways to support teachers and students during collaborative learning activities in classrooms.

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Faculty & Post Docs

Luc Paquette

Luc Paquette is an Assistant Professor in Curriculum & Instruction. His research focuses on the usage of machine learning, data mining and knowledge engineering approaches to analyze and build predictive models of the behavior of students as they interact with digital learning environments. 

Mariana Silva

Mariana Silva is a Teaching Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science. She has been involved in large-scale teaching innovation activities, such as the re-design of the mechanics course sequence offered by MechSE department.

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Nigel Bosch

Nigel Bosch is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Sciences (iSchool) and the Department of Educational Psychology. His research includes improving education by predicting and understanding the affective and behavioral experiences of students.

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Susan Kelly

Susan Kelly is a Ph.D. student who brings experiences in both informal and formal teaching environments to her interest in collaborative learning across both contexts. She is interested in how groups create joint understanding when problem solving using multiple data sources.

Tianyi Zhou

Tianyi Zhou is a master in Curriculum and Instruction, whose interests in the development of elementary school students’ interest in STEM subjects and how to increase or sustain the interest by applying educational technology.

Aysa Fan

Aysa is a PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction, DELTA program. She has a background in statistics and data science, and she's also a private school co-founder and curriculum designer. Aysa is interested in educational data analytics, as well as educational technology and design.

Parth Patel

Parth Patel is a junior in computer science. He helps in developing the teacher app for the CSTEPS project. His skills and experience in Web Development allow him to take ideas from concept to production in a timely manner.  

Anthony Margotta

Anthony is a master’s student in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering and former TA for TAM 251. He is helping to create resources to promote collaborative learning in undergraduate engineering courses.

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Veronica Holloway

Veronica Holloway is a junior in mechanical engineering. She is a sub-team leader on the Baja SAE team and writes for the mechanical engineering department. She works on processing and analyzing information gathered from engineering classes. 

Lu Lawrence

Lu Lawrence is a PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction, whose background in graphic design inspired her interest in the design of educational technology. Her research is focused on the design and implementation of classroom tools.

Taylor Tucker

Taylor Tucker is an incoming master's student who received her bachelor's degree in engineering mechanics. She is interested in using task design and implementation to improve the quality of student group collaboration in an engineering classroom setting.

Robin Rajarathinam

Shelana Martin

Shelana is a Master's student in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency. Her interests include identity motivation and increasing STEM field career interest in adolescent Black girls through culturally relevant designed digital environments. 

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Former Team Members

Students graduated or move on to other projects – thanks for all your contributions along the way! 

Jimmy Canning

Natasha Capell

Kelly Cole

Max Collins

Mallory Conlon​

Gregory Fabry

Lisa Ferguson

Meghan Kessler

JiYoon Jung

Nicholas Linares

Liz Livingston

Connor O’Donnell 

Saadeddine Shehab

Jingjing Sun

Ian Wells

Sherry Yi 

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