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Collaborative Support Tools for Engineering Problem Solving 2

The goal of this project is to design and study tools that 1) support teaching assistants learning about and implementing collaborative learning and 2) support students engaged in collaborative problem solving activities.


In collaboration with faculty and students in the College of Engineering, this project builds on the CSTEPS project to create and study tools for collaborative groups. The project also focuses on tools for Teaching Assistants, recognizing the need to support the teaching of collaborative problem solving skills. In addition, we will explore the potential of data analytics to provide insights into the collaboration process during or after the activity.

The project is underway - with the first round of data collection taking place throughout the Fall 2017 semester. Discussion sections meet weekly in IDEALL, where we are collecting video data of groups, and log file data from the tablets.  Teaching Assistants use an interface that provides them with live information about the amount of activity each group is engaging in, as well as the pages each student is working on, and the amount of content created by each student (see teacher interface).  

Project Team

Emma Mericer (PI)

Luc Paquette (coPI)

Mariana Silva (senior personnel)

P. Nigel Bosch

Ji Yoon Jung

Lu Lawrence

John Shanley

Saad Shehab
Ian Wells

Teacher interface provides live updates to teaching assistants during class. 

Publications & Conferences

Lawrence, L. & Mercier, E. (2017, October) Designing visualizations to monitor collaboration in engineering discussion sessions. RE: Research: International Association for Societies of Design Research. Cincinnati, OH. IASDR 2017 Conference Proceedings.


The project is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies Program (Award Number: 1628976).​ 

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